It was November 2014 when Anne Nederhoed stepped on stage for the first time as a singer-songwriter. From the first line she sang it was clear to both her and the audience: this is what the then 18-year-old girl was made for. Her strong lyrics combined with simple guitar-playing slowly pull you into her world. Nederhoed always tries to tell relatable stories as clearly as possible. The stories take you through all of life’s big themes such as: love and hope, but also death and loss.

She hasn’t sit still since that first performance. Not only has she done a lot of gigs in her hometown Breda, including opening for Kalle Mattson in Mezz, she also travelled through the rest of the Netherlands. She has played pretty much everywhere from Groningen to Amsterdam, Rotterdam to Venlo.

Song For Brett has gotten a lot of attention nationally. The song was written to commemorate the MH17 plane crash and was used in the Dutch documentary “Het dorp dat zes mensen verloor”. After this was shot she was asked to play the song at the official MH17 commemoration in Nieuwegein. The song has given support to those who lost someone in the crash and that is exactly what Anne wrote the song for. “I was struggling with the loss of Brett and his family, and I was able to process most of my emotions by writing Song For Brett. The fact that others can relate to the feeling of disbelieve and find support in this song warms my heart.”

In 2016 she won the performing arts completion Fanatics in Rotterdam. Around that same time she finished a successful crowdfunding. This formed the financial basis for the video project which is being published since the beginning of 2017.  Together with a team of young filmmakers Anne Nederhoed worked hard to record acoustic live sessions. The series consists of both original songs and covers and a new video is uploaded every month.

Currently Anne Nederhoed is a part of the second edition of Breda’s Most Wanted and she has been selected for Popsport Brabant. Full of ambition she is ready to face the rest of her musical career.